About AS:

Aspire Solutions works in the domain of washroom water conservation. We came up with unique solutions which is 

Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™” to successfully address water conservation challenges in washrooms where we flush 70% of fresh potable water down the drain.

Currently, we have two products; Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ & Waterless Urinal. These two products have the potential to reduce washroom water wastage by at least 95%. This ensures vital water conservation, without compromising health, safety, hygiene and comfort.

We have a product portfolio which is absolutely pro-environmental. None of our products use any harsh chemicals, which makes our products even safer. Moreover, the manufacturing process is also environment friendly. Our products do not use any source of energy direct or indirect – and save huge amounts of water. We provide one of the most sustainable solutions in our field of operation.

For the water conservation industry, the entire world is an open market to enter. Currently, Aspire Solutions operates in India prominently with our core focus is on minimizing washroom water usage.


Aspire Solutions deals specifically into environment friendly Innovative products. We started operating with our best-selling product Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ in its portfolio, and water conservation in its mind, Currently we are having a huge clientele base, which includes Govt. Organizations, Corporates, Educational institutes, Hospitals, Manufacturing units etc.


To Ensure the availability of nature precious resource "WATER" for our future Generation.

Our Values:

We at Aspire Solutions are guided by the following Values. They describe our company as we want it to be. We want our decisions and actions to demonstrate these Values. We believe that putting our Values into practice creates long-term relationship with our clients.

We Take Responsibilty For Quality

Aspire Solutions is a highly Quality seeking organization we try our best to maintain consitancy in our quality of products. We also give proper importance to packaging & handling to ensure that the goods remain safe and do not end up getting damaged at the client’s end.

We Deliver Customer Satisfaction

We are a customer oriented organization and one of our main aim is to achieve total customer satisfaction through high quality product as we believe that quality and customer satisfaction blend with each other. Both these components are necessary for the growth and success of any organization. We offer easy payment modes much to the satisfaction of our customers. Due to all these features we have succeeded in having a huge Clientele, with the help of maximum client satisfaction.


Aspire Solutions is one of the few organization who are responsible for making washroom eco-friendly & hygienic by installing it’s maintenance free biological product  Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™, which reduces washroom water usage up to 95%.


We have installed our product in numerous corporate, helping them achieve their IGBC criteria, accomplish their CSR projects, bring down their facility management and STP charges and the best part is to help them save water. Educational Institutes are also very proactive when we talk about environment and hygiene. We have helped a number of educational institute deal with their water shortage problem and to provide a hygienic, odor free washroom environment.

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