Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ ?

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Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ is made of non chemical ingredients composed of specially formulated biological bacterial culture. Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ is capable of converting existing flush based urinal in to completely waterfree & each Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ contains intense fragrances which ensure even more fresher & hygienic washrooms environment.

How Does Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ works without water ?

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Water is basically required for three purposes.


1- Control Stains (on urinal inside wall)

2- Control Odor

3- Flush the left overt urine out

Our product does effectively covers all these issues using advance bacterial technology. Our Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ contains Biological Bacteria which makes the product.

Anti Stains : Bacteria digest the uric acid drastically. No uric acid means no longer stains formation.

Anti Bacterial : Bacterias which Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ contains oxidizes the odor creating bacterias and absense of water do not provide the breeding ground to them.

Odorless : As Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ does not let allow urine to convert in to ammonia thus no odor in washroom at all. Everything that water does in a conventional urinal; our product takes care of all the issues without flushing water.

What is the product made of ?

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The product is made of non-chemical ingredients, composed of specially formulated bacterial culture. Bacterias contained in Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ are non-pathogenic.

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Is Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ completely Environment Friendly ?

Yes, Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ has been developed not only for water saving & powerful cleaning purpose but also to be environment friendly. Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™  is made of natural ingredients with biological bacteria & pure quality fragrances.

Will Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ help to save water which is used for flushing urinals ?

Yes absolutely, A conventional urinal takes around 2.5 liter of wtaer in each flush. 20 Men with urinating frequency of 4 times a day can cause 200 Liters of water per day. Isn't it huge ? Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™  aims to provide hygienic & fresh wahroom environment without wasting water.

Will Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ improve the hygiene standard in washroom without flushing water ?

Yes, It certainley will as there won't be any need of water to be flushed & the odor creating bacteria breed in wet environment and spread in washroom very easily causing unhygienic & unpleasent washroom environment. In absence of water bacteria don't spread in such motion. Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ improves the hygiene standards significantly.

How much money Will Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™  save of my business ?

Using Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ will definitely save your business money by eliminating many maintenance charges. We are happy to discuss with customers that how much  Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ will improve the maintenance level & cost factor. Fill out our Contact us for by clicking here & we'll provide you detailed CB Analysis for the same.

How long will Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™  last for in the urinal ?

Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™  is having 15,000 usage life cycle however the life in terms of days will be totally depend upon the number of users that visits washroom on a daily basis. Just to let you know that our product has 5 times more life as compare to traditonal urinal cubes.

What about Fragrances ?

Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ comes in Aromatic Lavender & Refreshing Aqua Cool Fragrances.

What is the diffrence between Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ & Napthaleen Balls ?

Naphthalene Ball:

Is a crystalized gas and only offers masking smell.

Provides no cleaning efficiancy at all.

Does not dissolve in water.

Harmful for human being.

When get small enough to drop through urinal they lodge in to trap and create blockages.



How to install Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ in Urinals ?

Before installing Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™  in existing urinals for the first time clean your urinal bowl & underneath with your regular cleaners properly then unwrap the Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ from its packaging & put the block against the center drainage of urinal surface.

Caution: Wash your hands properly after Installation of Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™.

How do i know when to change Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™  ?

Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ will be effective untill it has completely dissolved and for approx. 2 days afterwards however we recommend that when the Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ has visibly dissolved it is then immidiately replaced for maintaining maximum efficiency.

Is there any special type of urinal required for installing Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ ?

No. preinstalled urinals are fine. Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ can be installed in any type, size retro fitting urinals without any hassel.

Is there any special training required for the installation ?

No.there is no technicality involve in the installation process. It can be installed by anyone. Our product is 100 % user friendly.


What is the maintenance of Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ ?

Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ is completely maintenance free. Daily cleaning will be done as usual in morning with your regular cleaners while cleaning urinal remove Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™  from the urinal bowl; clean the urinal & underneath then put Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™  as usual . Pour half liter of water inside the urinal walls once a day only.

What are the recurring & operating Cost ?

Product has virtually zero operating cost as no water & other chemicals are used. Our product will give you payback within month by eliminating other charges i.e Water, Electricity, Maintenance charges etc.

Does Chemical effect Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ performance ?

Yes, using chemical over the Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ will ceratinley effect the performance as chemical damage the biological bacteria which block contains which in result reduce the overall effectiveness.

How about urinal inside trap, will blockage increases ?

In absense of water uric acid in urine does not react & does not convert in to ammonia (NH3) & bacterias don't let allow urine to decompose in urinal trap line thus blockages won't be there in case of Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ .

Can we use Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ to get rid of Blockages issues ?

Yes, Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ is capable of clearing the blockages significantly when use it on regular basis. It has even more powerful cleaning agent which wipes out the blockages issues & prevent it from coming back.

How about stability during storage of Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ ?

Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ are stable under normal conditions (in plastic packaging as supplied). Store Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ in dry & moisture free store room.

Do our cleaning staff needs to follow any special cleaning instructions while using Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ ?

Yes, Below are some simple cleaning instruction which your cleaning staff have to follow.


1- Do not use chemical over Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™. While cleaning urinal bowl remove Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ from the urinal & clean it vigorously & in urinal underneath too. After cleaning the urinal put Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ as it is.

2- Do not use any traditional urinal cubes i.e Naphthalene balls etc. along with Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ .

3- Morning Cleaning required which needs to be done at every morning.

4- For maintenance pour half liter of water inside urinal wall once a day.

Why half liter water is required once a day ?

As traditional urinals are not 100 % hydrophobic which causes urine left over part to adhere on the urinal inside wall; it also causes yellow staining and odor formation. So recommendation behind pouring half liter water once a day is to wipe out the left over part of urine so that it can be treated with our Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ powerful biological bacterias.

Comparison with Waterless Urinal

What is the cost diffrence from Waterless Urinals ?

Waterless Urinals cost around 16,000 to 23,000 INR for complete ceramic bowl with cartridge. Price may vary from brand to brand. Generally Recurring & operating cost are very high in waterless urinals also these urinals requires extra maintenance.

Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ has economical cost, maintenance free & provides fresh & hygienic washroom.